Infographic: Employers taking action on workforce health and well-being

April 2016
| Argentina, Australia, Bahrain +33 more
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The results of our 2015/2016 Global Staying@Work study, in which 1,669 employers in 34 markets participated, reveal startling similarities as well as distinctive differences in organizations’ health and productivity strategies.

Employers around the world understand the impact of workforce health on their business; as a result, health and well-being programs remain a core component of their organizational health strategies. But employers also recognize that their strategies and programs aren’t as effective as they could be. Weak employee engagement in programs, inadequate budgets and insufficient metrics are hindering program effectiveness and, in some areas, the rates of program adoption.

Market-leading employers approach these problems holistically. Here’s how you can follow their lead:

Infographic: Employers Taking Action on Workforce Health and Well-Being