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Mergers & Acquisitions

A deep understanding of organisations, their people,
culture and risk profile.

Talent management

Effective talent management for successful M&A

M&A brings specific challenges and opportunities to talent management. At Willis Towers Watson, we can help you to create a talent strategy that will help you achieve a smooth transition and meet your short- and long-term goals.

How we can help you gain advantage

In the early stages of a deal, our experts can help you identify high performers and essential talent – the people who really make a difference to the value of the business – and ensure that you recognise and retain them through the deal and beyond.

Post-transaction, we can help you integrate your newly combined workforce and make sure that:

  • Your talent strategy is aligned to your business plans
  • You retain and engage the right employees for the shape of the new organisation
  • You achieve your desired talent cost savings.

Key activities in talent management

We’re experienced in translating M&A deal strategy and objectives into the detail of a workforce plan – enabling effective talent selection, employee tracking and onboarding.

We’ll help you to accurately project the number, mix, skills and cost of employees needed to meet your business objectives across job families and locations.
We can:

  • Analyse the composition, flow and cost of your current and projected workforce
  • Identify which roles below executive level will be vital to continued business success
  • Plan how to close workforce gaps and recognise the implications for sourcing, deployment, engagement, rewards and development
  • Create an effective talent selection strategy and process
  • Develop retention and transition plans needed to retain top talent and keep the business running without disruption
  • Provide tools and processes to enhance your managers’ ability to lead newly formed teams
  • Articulate the new Employee Value Proposition.