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Mergers & Acquisitions

A deep understanding of organisations, their people,
culture and risk profile.

Capturing synergies

Achieving business synergies tends to sit high on any list of deal objectives. However, this is a time when poorly judged savings can do more harm than good, so it’s imperative that you consider the long-term and wider impact of every decision.

We’ll help you develop a roadmap that allows sufficient time for a thorough analysis of potential synergies, associated risks and implementation challenges.

In terms of risk management and insurance, your deal is likely to offer opportunities to rationalise arrangements. We’ll make sure that your business is not unduly exposed in the rush for cost reductions during the delicate early stages of the new organisation.

People and function synergies are also likely to be important. We’ll partner with you to ensure that actions taken to streamline internal resources and business functions are handled with care so that you avoid long-lasting damage to the culture, retention, motivation and productivity of the broader workforce.

Rationalising insurance and other arrangements

Using our significant experience and industry-specific insights, we help companies of all shapes and sizes to identify the risks facing their organisation post M&A.

We’ll make an initial assessment and then develop a structured plan to assess the opportunities for synergies, including rationalising insurance and other arrangements. Importantly, we’ll then partner with you at every step of the journey to ensure seamless integration of operational insurance and employee benefit and pension programmes.

Organisational redesign

Often an organisational redesign is needed to take full advantage of synergies and to align the business structure with the new operating model. Our organisational design services support you in leveraging these potential synergies and efficiencies.

We’ll use market-leading techniques to pinpoint opportunities to reduce duplication, complexity and cost, and to implement enterprise-wide HR software tools.

Total rewards optimisation

An M&A will typically prompt a revisit to your total rewards program – especially when there are changes in the company’s strategic direction.

We can work with you to ensure that your new company’s total rewards strategy and underlying compensation and benefit programs will attract, engage and retain key talent from both the acquired and acquiring organisation workforces.

Our Total Rewards Optimisation (TRO) process draws on rigorous and sophisticated tools, supported by unrivalled regional and industry-specific benchmarking data. These tools enable us to create integrated or harmonised reward portfolios that provide the highest return on investment.