Political violence including terrorism

Political violence including terrorism

The September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center have changed the way the world views and treats terrorism. Since then the world has been facing an abundance of newly emerging risks involving terrorism. Terror groups are executing attacks in ways we have not seen before emphasizing the importance for companies to protect themselves and their operations.

The terrorism insurance market continues to develop innovative products to address the changing nature of terrorism. Buyers should take advantage of expanded definitions and newly created products that better cover their risk exposures. Terrorism insurance protects companies from physical damage and business interruption in the event of an attack.

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Areas covered

  • ‘Conventional’ terrorism and sabotage - cost effective property damage / business interruption (BI) and liability coverage for properties located in any region of the world
  • Political Violence - property damage/BI and liability coverage from wider perils including strikes and riots, revolution, coup d’état, civil war and war
  • Active shooter/assailant - Property damage/BI and liability coverage with broad weapon triggers, and including pre and post loss crisis management services
  • Impairment of Access - BI coverage following a protest or blockade that may prevent access to the premises irrespective of any property damage occurring
  • Threat of an attack - BI coverage following a protest of blockade that may prevent access to the premises
  • Loss of attraction - BI coverage, insuring a downturn in income due to a terrorism or political violence event occurring within a pre-determined radius of an insured location irrespective of any property damage occurring
  • First party cyber terrorism - Property Damage to physical assets and resultant BI
  • Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Radiological (NCBR) - Property Damage/ BI and liability coverage in the event of an attack involving NCBR materials 
  • SAFETY Act - guidance application under this US Act which is designed to encourage the development of anti-terrorism products by automatically conferring very broad limitations, caps and defence for suits stemming from a terrorist event
  • Supply chain - BI coverage following a total or partial reduction in supply that leads to a reduction in output to the business
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Who we serve

  • Healthcare
  • Higher education
  • Real estate
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation and aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining and heavy industry
  • Power and energy

Willis Towers Watson can provide terrorism expertise to any company operating and expanding business in dense cities with large populations and/or in locations or occupancies which are a high attraction to terrorist groups.


Why Willis Towers Watson?

Willis Towers Watson Global Terrorism & Political Violence practice is comprised of team members who are responsible for informing our clients on the issues, events, and appropriate risk management response to the risks of terrorism and political violence. As a single global practice with operations in the US, UK, UAE and Singapore, we represent our clients in all terrorism markets worldwide to ensure the most comprehensive market access and seek out the most favourable terms available.

Our Terrorism Practice has been instrumental in leading the marketplace in:

  • Policy design - Willis Towers Watson was first to market a standalone terrorism insurance product post 9/11 and has been integrally involved in crafting specialist wordings tailored to the unique requirements of each of our clients.
  • Captives - we are a market leader in the creation, management and strategic use of captives for underwriting terrorism risk. Experience has enabled our development of highly refined and comprehensive policies covering the constantly broadening scope of cover against ever changing events.
  • Governmental affairs - we advocate for our clients the most important legislative issues of the day, including TRIPRA and the SAFETY Act.
  • Analytical services  - Willis Towers Watson provides access to deterministic (scenario) analyses for specific terrorist attack modes through an analysis of property and liability exposures, site risk aggregation modelling and quantification of various loss scenarios.