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Willis Towers Watson’s
2018 Gender Pay Gap Report

What is a gender pay gap?

A gender pay gap is a collective comparison – it’s the difference between the average pay of all men in a company and the average pay of all women in a company, regardless of the type of work they do.

To encourage companies across all industries to do more to progress women in the workplace, the UK Government is requiring employers with 250 or more employees to report their gender pay gap annually, beginning this year.

Here at Willis Towers Watson, we support this initiative. We are committed to giving everyone equal opportunity to unlock their full potential and succeed, regardless of gender and background. This diversity strengthens our business and benefits both our clients and our colleagues.

Watch our two new Gender Pay Gap videos. The first explains what a gender pay gap is. In the second, some of our UK leaders share how we are addressing our own gender pay gap here at Willis Towers Watson.

Gender Pay Gap explained

Learn what a gender pay gap is, what drives it and how it’s different from equal pay.

Commitments from our leaders

Hear from our leaders on what we’re doing to narrow our gender pay gap