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Powering the employee experience: A focus on financial wellbeing

EX Conversations – Asia Pacific


By Monika Bhargava , Emma Longmore and Lucia Ryan | February 1, 2021

Our experts discuss the growing importance of financial wellbeing, and tools and strategies employers can use to help their employees achieve their financial goals.
EX Conversations - Asia Pacific Powering the EX : Financial wellbeing

EX Conversations – Powering the employee experience: A focus on financial wellbeing

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of financial wellbeing — a recent Willis Towers Watson survey found that 70% of employees report having new financial concerns due to COVID-19, and 36% said that they had a moderate to high degree of financial worry.

More and more, employers recognise that they have a role to play. Not only can a comprehensive and holistic financial wellbeing strategy support employees’ long-term financial goals and wellbeing, it’s also an opportunity to boost both engagement and productivity.

In their conversation, our thought leaders Emma, Lucia and Monika discuss the steps employers can take to improve employees’ financial wellbeing; the challenges multinational organisations face when trying to build a global strategy; and practical tips around how to develop your own financial wellbeing program.

Watch the video above and follow our EX Conversations series to hear more.

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