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Collaboration and innovation keep a long-term client relationship fresh

Benefits Administration and Outsourcing

September 4, 2020

A case study: A large delivery service company values technology innovation from their administration partner

This delivery service company has been providing transportation, e-commerce and business services for nearly 50 years. They are committed to innovation throughout their business, and expect the same of their partners.

The challenge

With new leadership responsible for the company’s U.S. benefits, our client underwent a close review of their current benefits delivery services to understand the value they were receiving from their partners. Throughout our 20-year relationship with the client, they have expected us to consistently raise the bar on the services we provide, including the adoption of new technology to do our job better, faster, and more efficiently.

Although they were satisfied with the quality and service we were providing as their benefits administrator, they wanted us to further innovate our product and platform to incorporate technology elements that were important to them, including artificial intelligence, business intelligence, application programming interfaces (APIs) and cloud computing.

At the same time, our client was making big investments in advocacy services for their team members, and needed us to reimagine our service delivery model to enable those changes.

The solution

Focus on innovation

We worked across our Willis Towers Watson segments to present an enhanced technology road map that reflected the most important elements to the client. Some of these elements included new ways to use artificial intelligence to deliver a more intuitive and effective user experience (for example, our Virtual Guide), and business intelligence to allow the client to make more informed and strategic decisions based on their data (for example, the Plan Sponsor Dashboard).

Our 20-year partnership gave us the opportunity to collaborate with the client to not only improve their experience, but also to challenge ourselves to raise the bar for all of our clients now and in the future.


As we enhanced our technology capabilities, we also reimagined the way we worked with the client — both in the delivery of our technology and the structure of our service delivery model.

We adopted an Agile methodology for technology enhancements and client requested changes, allowing us to implement changes more quickly and effectively as well as making capturing business requirements, completing specification reviews and testing easier for the client.

In addition to their focus on the newest technology, the client was also investing heavily in participant advocacy services with another provider. We partnered with them to seamlessly integrate that service into our benefits administration delivery, approaching the structure of our services in a fresh new way to provide participants with the best possible experience.

The results

Throughout the process, we reinforced our proven track record of success and our strong commitment to innovation and quality, building on our mutual trust with the client. The implementation of our integrated benefits portal, virtual guide, image recognition capabilities and APIs immediately improved the experience for the client and their participants, demonstrating our strong operational performance and ability to handle a client of their size and complexity.

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