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M&A cultural practices

Mergers and Acquisitions

July 30, 2020

Based on the findings from a highly experienced group of M&A practitioners, we share the current state of leading practices in cultural work for the M&A situation.

This series is designed to provide insights into the current state of leading practices in cultural work for the M&A situation.

It is based on the findings from a unique and highly experienced group of M&A practitioners, where each firm’s participants were drawn from their in-house M&A functions, representing either corporate development, business development or corporate strategy (the term varies based on each firm’s internal definition of the role) and their Human Resources M&A group. Throughout the series, the content reflects the discussions within the group and not the sole practices of any one firm.

The distinguishing feature about the group is that cultural investigations are an accepted part of their M&A process. Consequently, in this series we focus on:

  • What they do in culture work
  • When and how they do it
  • Why they should do it

Table of Contents

  1. How advanced acquirers approach culture in M&A

    By Jim McKay, Craig Keller and John Bremen

    We explore the cultural framework developed by a highly experienced group of M&A practitioners to facilitate cultural discussions specific to M&A.

In our next article Jim McKay and Steve Allan will provide insights on how experienced acquirers build their business case for embedding culture within their M&A process. They will focus on why acquirers need to develop the business case in the first instance, and what goes into it.

Check this page regularly to learn more about M&A cultural practices and please contact our M&A experts if you have any questions.


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