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Igloo is our modeling solution specifically designed to help business understand risk. With more than 1,500 licenses globally, across approximately 130 insurance groups, Igloo underpins the capital models of property and casualty (P&C) businesses ranging from the very largest multinationals to single-line niche insurers.

As the long-time market leader Igloo is the common language of capital modeling.

Intuitive and flexible modeling

While best known for providing the core of the capital model for the world's leading insurers, Igloo remains a highly flexible and intuitive modeling tool.  Igloo is designed to allow user to represent the behavior of risks in a highly scalable environment without getting bogged down in the traditional disciplines of software development.

Igloo is ready to go

The platform is provided with a set of best practice highly flexible Igloo Applications.  These Applications are implemented using Igloo’s powerful and flexible modeling language to provide functionality that is ready to go “out of the box”.  Users of these tools need only focus on the business problem without requiring a significant or deep knowledge of Igloo.

  • Igloo Capital Model. This Application provides the core of the capital model for clients ranging from the very largest to the simplest insurer. The Igloo Capital Model provides the flexibility for all businesses to achieve industry standard modelling without the risks or costs of model customization and maintenance.
  • Igloo Standard Formula. This fully maintained tool implements the full Solvency II standard formula calculation including P&C, Life and Health risks for solo and group entities.
  • Reinsurance Evaluation. This Application allows the evaluation of reinsurance strategies and against clear and pragmatic criteria; focusing on ranking possible strategies rather than optimizing ideal but unobtainable structures.

Presenting the message

Igloo recognizes the importance of presentation, whether to analysts seeking understanding of model output, or for the Board who require deep insight from succinct and modern presentation tools.

Igloo integrates flexibly with tools such as Power BI, empowering the automated creation of detailed Board-quality reporting.

Igloo provides highly flexible and powerful tools to integrate with external analysis tools such as R and Matlab and of course integrates seamlessly with Excel.

Igloo is ready for Cloud when you are

The public Cloud provides a transformational opportunity for businesses ready to embrace it: providing both access to supercomputing performance to support time-critical decisions and the ability to scale back to a low cost, low performance environment when time is less pressing.

Igloo is supported in all major Cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure and AWS.  It can be implemented under a client subscription or can take advantage of our Software-as-a-Service offering – letting us manage the administration of the technology and leaving our users to focus on their core business.

The Cloud brings with it the opportunity to match value to costs. Igloo leads the market with our usage-based pricing approaches.

Governance and control

Igloo provides features to keep modelers safe and accountable.  The “Data Control component” allows detailed control of model and data versions together with database-style permissions and audit trails.

Protecting your investment

Igloo has benefited from major investment over the last few years which has led to groundbreaking improvements.  Despite this, we continue to respect the investments that our clients make in their models and so all versions of Igloo are backwards compatible, ensuring that they retain the value they have contributed but can take advantage of our continuing innovation.

About Igloo

Igloo is a capital modeling platform that provides transparency and scalability to enable a more risk-conscious business culture by providing the technical analysis to support strategic planning and management.

Whether you are a global company looking to create and use financial models worldwide or a smaller operation that wants the benefits of models without impractical time and staffing commitments, Igloo offers the flexibility and control to meet your business needs.

Models, market practice and technology have moved on: the Igloo suite will put your firm right at the cutting edge.

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