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Survey best practice: Making access easy for all



July 1, 2019

More and more organizations want to use their HRIS data instead of asking employees a series of demographic questions, and for good reason. HRIS-based surveys are quicker to complete and enable more accurate and detailed reports, because you no longer rely on the participant to identify their department or manager.

However, a common stumbling block has been how to provide employees with their unique link or password to access the survey, especially for populations without regular access to email. For that reason, Willis Towers Watson Employee Engagement Software offers two ways for participants to access an HRIS-based survey.

1. Access through a unique link

The first and more traditional option is to receive an email invitation with a unique link. The email is sent automatically by Willis Towers Watson Employee Engagement Software when your survey goes live and there is nothing else for you to do. It’s easy, efficient and works really well in office-based or mobile-enabled environments.

2. Access with employee ID

The second option is for the participant to enter the survey using their employee ID. In this case, the survey link is the same for everyone and can be widely shared across a variety of communication channels like your Intranet, posters or even QR codes. This method is ideal for retail, manufacturing or energy environments where employees may have access to a shared computer but not an individual email address.

The choice is yours

Both options are automatically enabled for all HRIS-based surveys created with Willis Towers Watson Employee Engagement Software. It's your choice whether to publicize just one or both to your employees. It's also possible for a participant to start a survey using one option, and return through the second one. As soon as the survey is submitted, both options become disabled, so a duplicate survey cannot be submitted.

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