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Financial Wellbeing

Willis Towers Watson’s FiT Age and myFiTage software provide a thorough workforce readiness assessment that identify how many of your employees will not have the financial ability to retire at a reasonable age, as well as financial wellbeing indicators to understand behavioural drivers.

Imagine a workplace where each of your employees has his or her own personal, web-based financial wellbeing coach – an intuitive application with functionality that understands their lifestyle and describes the value they will get from their retirement benefits. This online coach removes the guesswork for each employee, delivering the right personalised messages at the right time to motivate new saving, investing and spending behaviours.

Now imagine that you, the employer, have your fingers on the pulse of your workforce’s retirement needs. You know how many employees are at risk of low financial wellbeing and delayed retirement – and to what extent your plans are supporting them. And just as important, you know how to make your plans better, so they more effectively drive employees to take meaningful action.


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