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Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software

Future-oriented total compensation management starts with Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software. Our market-leading software brings together interactive compensation data, job levelling and compensation analytics and design, so you can create a pay-for-performance culture that attracts and rewards the best employees and improves their engagement and retention.

Inadequate technology can make complex pay decisions even more challenging

Companies need intuitive technology, data, and analytics to reduce complexity and support decision making when designing and managing compensation programmes. Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software helps you see the big picture, drill into the details, answer a range of strategic questions around competitive compensation and, perhaps most importantly, take action.

How can I better understand where the talent market is heading and how my organisation stacks up?

Precise benchmarking

Efficiently assess competitive compensation levels for all of your benchmark jobs; analyse and interpret multiple sources of compensation survey data; and ensure you are paying the right amount for top talent.

How can I use insights and market data to design innovative compensation programmes that help my organisation compete for top talent?

Innovative programme design capabilities

Leverage the intersection of competitive market data and the results of your internal approach to job levelling to design competitive compensation structures for your organisation. Model potential cost implications of new or modified designs and conduct merit increase analyses to facilitate compensation planning.

How can I provide the best insight to leaders to help enable better decision making?

Powerful analytics and reporting

Visualise compensation data from multiple dimensions to identify opportunities in the organisation and in the labour market. Develop management-ready reports that enable leaders to quickly obtain the insights they need to make smart compensation decisions.

How can I best leverage my compensation data to gain perspective about trends and best practices?

Cutting-edge compensation data

Access and manage leading compensation survey data from Willis Towers Watson and integrate and manage all of your survey sources and survey matches on an annual basis.

How can I balance the relative value of jobs across my organisation with the need to remain externally competitive?

Internal job levelling

Organise/level jobs internally using a common methodology to ensure consistency across your organisation and alignment to the external market. Combine competitive market data with your job levelling results to support the design and governance of a consistent, relevant and defensible career framework.

Getting compensation right is hard. We make it easy.

Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software supports you throughout the year as you develop and design an effective compensation strategy. From job evaluation to survey submission, and everything in between, we bring a powerful combination of market leading data, enterprise strength technology and industry expertise to your pay programmes giving you everything you need to get compensation right for your organisation.

Come explore the Willis Towers Watson difference.

Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software Video

Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software helps global companies design, build and manage an effective compensation structure that places total compensation within the context of performance, market benchmarks and systemwide equity

Get To Know Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software

In this video, David Hargrave, Director, Rewards describes how Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software can improve organisational effectiveness by automating and streamlining the annual compensation process.

Discover Data Interactive

We continue to integrate our exceptional survey reports into Data Interactive, a feature set of Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software, culminating with the transition of our North American reports in 2019.

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