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2018 총보상 서베이 하이라이트 리포트: 변화하는 인재들의 기대치를 어떻게 충족시킬 수 있을까

Mapping the new Total Rewards journey

Health and Benefits|Total Rewards

2018년 10월 24일

Discover how leading organizations invest strategically in employee Total Rewards programs to achieve the biggest impact.

The 2018 Modernizing Total Rewards Survey reveals how organizations can invest strategically in the right Total Rewards programs to have the biggest impact on people and deliver the best financial return. Thank you to the over 1,600 organization across 44 countries that participated.

Mapping the new Total Rewards journey

In today’s agile, digitally disrupted workplace, Total Rewards are critical to a company’s ability to compete for talent, yet many organizations’ programs are not evolving quickly enough to keep pace with the evolving workforce. How can organizations begin to map their transition to more relevant and effective strategies and programs?

The global findings report describes the five critical pathways to meeting employees’ Total Rewards expectations and delivering a consumer-grade experience.

Five critical pathways to meeting employees’ Total Rewards expectations

Icon of an open hand
Understand what employees value
Icon of a side profile of a head
Consider employee wellbeing a top priority
Icon of a laptop
Make effective use of technology
Icon of a graph
Measure cost and impact of programs
Icon of a balanced scale
Prioritize fairness, purpose-driven benefits, and inclusion and diversity

Modernizing Total Rewards is part of a larger Willis Towers Watson research initiative — Talent and Rewards Breakthroughs — which is a series of topical surveys that seek to discover emerging trends and innovative practices for human capital programs to remain relevant in today’s transformational times.


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