Executive Summary: India Health and Wellbeing Study

January 24, 2019
| India

Companies in India are beginning to take a more holistic view of employee health and wellness, going beyond physical wellbeing to include emotional and financial wellbeing, according to the India Health and Wellbeing Study conducted by Willis Towers Watson. All round steps are being taken, however an overarching health and wellness strategy is largely missing.

While a majority 66% of employers have already taken, or will take steps in the next three years to develop a mental health strategy, 59% are planning to offer programmes to support chronic behavioural health conditions; currently offered by only 8% of employers. Similarly, 63% already have or are developing a strategy to improve financial wellbeing and 13% are considering it in three years’ time. Towards this, 50% companies are planning to deliver customised or personalised messages to help improve financial planning as compared to only 6% today.

Willis Towers Watson India conducted the study with an aim to explore the strategies and tactics used by organisations in India to address employee health and wellbeing. To view the executive summary, complete the form below and click Submit.