2018 Getting Compensation Right Survey – Asia Pacific Findings

Five keys to getting compensation right

September 17, 2018
| Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia +11 more
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In today's rapidly evolving work ecosystem, compensation programs must meet a growing range of often conflicting objectives. Are Asia Pacific employers getting compensation right?

For many years, base pay has been the most important driver of attraction and retention in Asia Pacific. The processes for annual merit increases take up considerable management time, yet many companies and employees agree that although base pay recognises performance, it’s not driving performance. It’s time to get compensation right.

The Willis Towers Watson Getting Compensation Right Survey includes information on pay practices for nearly 2,000 global companies, with about 40% representing Asia Pacific. When it comes to meeting employee expectations for compensation, employers must clarify how base pay is determined, improve the differentiation of incentives, make effective use of technology, prioritise fair pay and build a culture of pay transparency.

This research summary, with an emphasis on Asia Pacific, aims to provide employers in the region a deeper understanding of the current state of pay programs, changes employers plan to make in the next three years and our tips for getting compensation right.

Our findings examine five elements critical to developing relevant, high-impact compensation programs.

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Clarify the factors that determine base pay.
Improve differentiation of incentives.
Make effective use of technology.
Prioritise fair pay.
Build a culture of pay transparency.

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