A last ‘Last Word’

June 29, 2018
Emphasis title banner; aerial view of person standing on ocean shoreline

By Alice Underwood

I visited a bookstore recently. Because I’m an avid reader, that might not seem like an extraordinary statement. But the truth is, I honestly can’t remember when I last went to a bookstore for the purpose of buying a book as opposed to meeting a friend or browsing away a spare hour over a cup of coffee. Though I purchase books on a weekly basis, I buy them — and read them — on my phone. Smartphone technology and electronic distribution give me access to new books and old favorites instantly, wherever I am — a whole library at my fingertips without overloading my carry-on bag.

Technology is the explicit driver for four of the five topics featured in this edition of Emphasis; the fifth (reinsurance and risk appetite) addresses an area of practice that has been completely transformed over the past two decades by technology and advances in computing power. Technology is integral to Willis Towers Watson’s client service proposition. It stands to reason that we should also leverage technology to deliver our thought leadership content to you in the most customized and efficient way possible.

That’s why this is the last semiannual issue of Emphasis and the last “Last Word.” Instead of sending you compilations assembled twice a year, the Insurance Consulting and Technology team will focus on delivering timely content to you throughout the year digitally. Additionally, you can access our latest thinking on insurance industry trends via the Willis Towers Watson Wire blog, our website, the Insurance Consulting and Technology LinkedIn page, and our Twitter feed — all in a way that lets you select the topics, frequency and delivery format you prefer.

We expect there will still be special occasions that call for a printed magazine — just as I wanted to buy a physical book for my dad as a Father’s Day present. So you’re likely to see special editions of Emphasis available at conferences and other events in the future. But in case you (like me) would prefer to save space in your briefcase and avoid weight on your shoulder, soft copy will be available too.

Thank you for your interest in Emphasis over the past 33 years...and happy reading!