Korea Corporate Pension Update (K-CPU)

Issue 1, 2017

June 22, 2017
| South Korea

Towers Watson retirement / investment consulting team, which has been leading the Korean corporate pension consulting business for the last 10 years, is considering to provide further advanced services through the merger with Willis, a global leading insurance brokerage firm. As one of the new beginnings, we have published 'Korea Corporate Pension Update (K-CPU)' to provide vivid and critical information of the corporate pension market.

Ten years have passed since introduction of the corporate pension plan, and many companies have adopted the scheme. However, most pension sponsors still have met difficulties in investing pension assets efficiently, and managing governance and employee communication reasonably. In order to resolve these issues, we would like to provide useful information about the pension assets by publishing ‘K-CPU’ every quarter. We expect to be able to increase your understanding of the Korean corporate pension in overall, including overall markets, service providers, and investment products.

‘Willis Towers Watson Korea Corporate Pension Update(K-CPU)’ provides the latest update on corporate pension service providers, markets and corporate pension products. The main goal of this report is to promote greater market knowledge and transparency in the corporate pension industry. In addition, we are proud to be one of the few English-language sources of information on the corporate pension service providers and products in the industry. Willis Towers Watson, as a consulting and investment advisory firm, is able to provide an independent and unbiased view of the Korean corporate pension market which we expect will be of great assistance to Employers and Sponsors in understanding the market.

Willis Towers Watson has been actively supporting corporate pension sponsors in Korea with its actuarial and investment needs since 2005, when Korea first announced an introduction of new corporate pension structure of DB, DC and IRP. Whether it is actuarial valuation work, plan adoption, service provider selection, investment strategy, manager/fund research and selection, performance monitoring, or investment education, Willis Towers Watson has successfully partnered with sponsors in Korea and is proud to contribute toward greater market understanding and informed decision-making through this Publication.

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