FINEX Observer — insights on the evolving risk of individual accountability

Summer 2017 edition

June 29, 2017
| United Kingdom, United States
Written for today’s global risk managers, general counsel, board members and executives, the FINEX Observer shares our insights into noteworthy trends, developing concerns and, most importantly, opportunities that are hidden in the financial and executive risks of today’s global business environment.

A central theme for this inaugural edition is the evolving risk of individual accountability. Regulators, investors and customers around the world are trending toward holding individuals — as opposed to corporate entities — liable for perceived wrongdoing. An understanding of this exposure and how one’s risk transfer/insurance program may respond is, therefore, essential, as is recognizing and managing other very particular and developing risks, such as transactional-related exposures and cyber-related threats.

Contents include:

Individual accountability

  • Protecting D&Os from “informal” investigations
  • Personal accountability of senior managers in the U.K.
  • FCA v. Macris: A problem for senior managers in the U.K.?
  • A conflict over privilege: The U.K. Senior Managers Regime and the legal function

Individual risks — transactions

  • Private vs. public D&O coverage in M&A.

Emerging risks

  • D&O risk in the age of cyber insecurity
  • Fee litigation plague spreads to universities and mid-market companies
  • Will emissions disclosures remain a hot D&O risk?
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