2017 Marketplace Realities for Construction

June 13, 2017
| United States, Canada

As the findings from our recently released Risk Index make clear, construction industry leaders are concerned about risks at a very high level and addressing them requires a combination of solutions. These include impactful risk management and behavioral strategies, building of strong cultures that focus on risks to the broader business, and ultimately partnerships with strong insurance carriers who understand the industry and bring tailored and competitive products.

Willis Towers Watson’s 2017 Marketplace Realities for Construction focuses on the current state of insurance solutions and carriers and offers our perspective on capacity, coverage trends, appetite for risk and pricing. In summary, the US construction property and casualty market continues to exhibit rate stability. While the market remains soft, a level of underwriting restraint has started to take hold.

Construction risks are complex and interconnected across multiple insurance lines. We therefore, advise our clients to spend significant time understanding the products and the insurance companies that specialize in the industry. The Marketplace Realities for Construction report offers a guide to planning for the next year on market trends and practical approaches to understand what’s likely to happen soon.

We hope you find this useful and we look forward to discussing its findings in more detail. Please contact your Willis Towers Watson representative who can provide additional perspective on this report.

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