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Mergers & Acquisitions

A deep understanding of organisations, their people,
culture and risk profile.

Total rewards

Reward strategies that drive performance across the business

Getting employee rewards right can be a huge step towards a successful integration.

Most M&A scenarios will typically lead to a review of total reward programmes, whether this involves understanding and harmonising differences in practice across previously separate organisations, or developing new programmes that align to and drive the achievement of performance outcomes for the new organisation.

An effective total reward strategy will ensure you’ll attract, engage and retain the key talent you need to make your deal a long-term success.

How we can help you gain advantage

At Willis Towers Watson, our reward consultants are market leaders.

We have deep and diverse subject matter and industry expertise and significant experience supporting organisations through transactions. Our tried and tested methodologies cover everything from core infrastructure (job levels and architecture, base pay) to performance-based rewards (executive, all-employee and sales incentives, recognition plans) to career and environmental rewards (career and talent management, flexible working).

We’re ideally positioned to offer consulting advice, data and technology – all with a view to driving a superior employee experience and the performance and value required of the new business.

Our experts can help you assess and compare rewards in the existing businesses and design a total reward framework for the new business to align with your strategic direction and goals. We can help you to:

  • Engage and retain talent from both businesses
  • Identify the rewards and incentives that deliver real value – and those that don’t
  • Benchmark against relevant competition
  • Provide the insights you need to make informed decisions on reward structures
  • Make sure that comparable talent and roles are treated equally
  • Optimise your total rewards to maximise return on investment.

Our services

Side-by-side analysis

We’ll carry out a detailed comparison of total reward programmes in both organisations, across different business units and territories. This will help you make better decisions about what to take forward in the new business.  We can compare:

  • Executive pay levels and vehicles
  • Job level frameworks and architecture
  • All-employee base pay levels and compensation programmes
  • Sales compensation programmes
  • Benefit programmes and recognition schemes
  • Talent and career management programmes
  • Career and environmental rewards and perks.   


We’ll use our proprietary global databases, leading-edge tools and consulting experience to help you:

  • Benchmark total reward against the competition (however defined)
  • Check that existing and new programmes comply with local regulations
  • Decide which areas of total reward to prioritise in the integrated business. 

Design and planning

We’ll help you review your existing reward strategy, and develop a new strategy with design principles that will underpin decision making around how to harmonise across legacy programmes. We can also support you through the detailed design of new talent and reward programmes that align to the objectives of the combined organisation.

Total rewards optimisation

We use sophisticated analytical tools to help you pinpoint how rewards drive performance and help you optimise your return on investment. We can help you:

  • Measure the impact specific rewards have on employee behaviour
  • Find out which rewards and benefits employees value and why
  • Calculate return on investment based on the cost of rewards and the value produced
  • Develop communications to help employees understand and use incentives effectively.