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Mergers & Acquisitions

A deep understanding of organisations, their people,
culture and risk profile.

Organisational design

Structuring your business for M&A success

Successful integration doesn’t happen by chance. To deliver synergies and realise full value from your deal, you need to have the right structures, roles and accountabilities in place.
At Willis Towers Watson, we can help you design the integrated organisation to achieve M&A goals. We can also help you develop an HR strategy to support transformation.

How we can help you gain advantage

Our experts will help you create and populate integrated structures at enterprise, functional and operational levels, and define the roles and accountabilities and lines of responsibility to deliver them – using our extensive experience of organisational design and human resources expertise in an M&A situation.
We can help you:

  • Reduce duplication, complexity and cost and Integrate team structures to maximise synergies
  • Align and define your structure and capabilities with deal goals
  • Define the roles that fit your operating model, and provide the tools necessary for fair and effective selection decisions
  • Make sure you have the HR services and support you need to deliver your objectives.

Our services

Organisational structures

We’ll analyse existing organisational data and provide the expertise necessary to design optimally integrated structures that maximise synergies and value.

  • Side-by-side analysis: working in a clean room environment, we analyse functions in both businesses pre-merger, identifying opportunities to help realise synergy goals through reduction of duplication and cost.
  • Health check: our organisational design health check tools will help you measure current state organisational strengths and weaknesses, to inform the design of integrated functions.
  • Roles and responsibilities: we design roles, accountabilities and governance frameworks to fit your new organisation and help it work effectively.

HR strategy

We’ll work closely with your HR team to develop your HR strategy and services so that they meet the needs of the new business. This includes:

  • Assessing your HR policies to make sure they are fit for the new organisation
  • Providing transitional services to smooth changes and minimise disruption
  • As part of a broader organisation design effort, defining an HR function that provides fully effective strategic input and service delivery in the newly integrated business.