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Mergers & Acquisitions

A deep understanding of organisations, their people,
culture and risk profile.

Products & Services

Willis Towers Watson offer a comprehensive range of products and services that are designed to support our clients at every stage of the M&A process.

All of our products and services are delivered by highly experienced professionals with a deep understanding of organisations, their people, culture and risk profile.

Project management office

We will partner with you to establish and manage the Change Enabled PMO, seamlessly integrating change management tools into our robust project management offering.

HR due diligence

Designed to identify potential HR issues, workforce events and key implementation concerns.

Warranty and Indemnity Insurance

An insurance that covers breaches of representations, warranties or certain indemnities given in the sale of a business.

Change management

We help design a change management strategy that will bring your people with you and help you achieve your M&A goals.

Insurance due diligence

Designed to identify any risk and insurance issues prior to a transaction, ensuring financial implications are understood.


We help to develop clear and compelling communications that engage and motivate people, from first announcement through to integration.

Tax liability insurance

An insurance that transfers a known, but uncertain, tax liability from a company's balance sheet to an insurance company.


We help to define and develop the attributes that will help you achieve deal goals.

Contingent risk insurance

An insurance that transfers a known or uncertain contingent liability from (usually) a buyer's balance sheet.

Executive compensation

We help design executive compensation strategies that align the interests of all stakeholders and ultimately incentivise deal success.

Prospectus Liability Insurance

An insurance that offers a ring-fenced limit of cover for specific prospectus exposures.


We help harness the power of effective leadership by engaging and motivating your leadership team behind your M&A objectives and help you identify those with the right qualities to lead your transaction.

Organisational design

We help you design the integrated organisation to achieve M&A goals and help you develop an HR strategy to support transformation.

Pension and benefits

We help you to identify and quantify the financial exposures, guide you through the HR challenges, and deliver tailored solutions to ensure a successful outcome.

Talent management

We help to create a talent strategy that will help you achieve a smooth transition and meet your short- and long-term goals.

Total rewards

We help to create an effective total reward strategy to ensure you attract, engage and retain the key talent you need to make your deal a long-term success.