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Mergers & Acquisitions

A deep understanding of organisations, their people,
culture and risk profile.

Target identification

We’ll support you with early analysis and advice to ensure successful target identification. By clarifying your key drivers and undertaking an early assessment of the potential opportunities and challenges, we’ll help ensure that all decisions align with your objectives.  

We can then help you understand the risks and challenges in preparation for the full due diligence process.

Understanding the financial risks and people-related challenges

When you know where to look and how to analyse it in an M&A context, there’s lots to be gleaned from publicly available information on any target business.

Listed companies will disclose details of their key risks and risk management activities. While from a HR perspective, pre-deal analysis can reveal organisational structure, leadership team details, and executive compensation and benefits.

We’ll analyse the available information from an M&A perspective so that you enter preliminary discussions with the fullest possible picture. Using our tools and data, we analyse the latest published information to provide an accurate reflection of the current situation. For example, even though pensions accounting disclosures don’t provide full details of expected cost or inherent risks, our extensive data and expertise enables us to make accurate adjustments. Meaning you can have an informed discussion on what might otherwise be a deal blocker.

We can also advise you on the expected operational insurances your target is likely to arrange – and the costs involved. This red-flag guidance will take account of relevant information, such as any relevant large loss or lawsuit, before you invest in a full due diligence review.

Sector, market and geographical insights

We have in-depth knowledge of the M&A challenges in over 120 countries. From the start of the process, we’ll make sure you have the market expertise and insights you need to make a truly informed assessment of the opportunities for business growth.