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Mergers & Acquisitions

A deep understanding of organisations, their people,
culture and risk profile.

Preparing to sell

The preparation involved in selling a business is crucial in ensuring the success of the deal. To support your business through this process, our aims are clear: to identify and manage potential barriers to a sale, and control key risks that might materialise during the pre-deal phase. Through this, not only do we ensure a smooth process, we also often identify opportunities that add real value to the business you're selling.

Removing obstacles and risks to support future business sale or IPO

Often deals can be delayed or blocked when unforeseen issues are identified by a key bidder during the sales process. To help you avoid this and subsequently maximise the deal value, our vendor due diligence services provide an essential review of your global operational risk strategy, insurance arrangements, and workforce and employee benefits. By undertaking this health-check, any possible issues will be diagnosed and addressed in advance. For example, pension liabilities often prove to be a significant barrier to a sale: we'll help you identify and put in place the solutions that such challenges require.

To help secure the completion of a deal, we can also prepare sell-side Warranty and Indemnity insurance. This offers significant advantages over traditional seller's limitation of liability obligation by freeing up the proceeds of the sales and providing all parties with greater certainty.