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Mergers & Acquisitions

A deep understanding of organisations, their people,
culture and risk profile.

At Willis Towers Watson, we advise on circa 1,000 transactions every year. Advance preparation proves key to the short and long-term success of every deal.

Before your deal gets underway, we can support you from both a human capital and risk management perspective. Our focus is to make your deal a success by using our foresight and experience, combined with a robust process, to manage transaction risks.

By preparing for the changes to come, we’ll help you turn every challenge into an opportunity.

M&A readiness

  • Preparing your business for change
  • Training and support for your in-house resources

Preparing to sell

  • Removing obstacles and risks to support future business sale or IPO

Target identification

  • Understanding the financial risks and people-related challenges
  • Sector, market and geographical insights

Learning from the past

  • Why do some deals succeed, and some fail?