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Mergers & Acquisitions

A deep understanding of organisations, their people,
culture and risk profile.

Learning from the past

With successful acquirers continuously reviewing and refining their M&A approaches to maximise their chances of deal success, we’ll make sure you benefit from the latest in best practice and insight.

Why do some deals succeed, and some fail?

When we surveyed over 400 business and HR executives from global companies that had engaged in an M&A, we found that successful transactions had two common themes: an early and intense focus on people issues, and a rigorous approach to risk management.

Among respondents who rated their company’s deal as successful in meeting its primary objectives, there was a clear emphasis on the importance of people issues and on bringing HR into the deal early. Their businesses had each retained critical workforce skills, measured leadership, communicated and engaged with employees, and built a culture that aligned with strategic goals.

When it comes to risk, avoiding the unexpected is essential. Identifying and managing risk early enables all parties to progress discussions with greater certainty and confidence. That's why we continually review, refine and expand due diligence reviews of operational insurances: to ensure those insurances are relevant and effective for the target, purchaser and lender. Our sector and local offices provide the expertise to ensure that each review reflects the latest market position for the target's business and exposures.