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Mergers & Acquisitions

A deep understanding of organisations, their people,
culture and risk profile.

Risk and governance

Establishing a common governance framework is essential in enabling your post-M&A organisation to fully understand risk and develop the necessary future oversight.

We’ll help you develop an effective framework with a clear plan to identify and address all business risks, including operational, compliance and HR.

A holistic framework for controlling risks from ‘day one’

We'll work with you to develop an initial framework. This will ensure that any issues identified during the review process are addressed, and help establish mechanisms for reporting progress.

This framework will generally cover your first 30 to 100 days, depending on the actions required. During this period and beyond, we’ll provide support as you negotiate, implement and manage the impact of any changes.

Understanding exposures, the total cost of risk and implementing best practice

Once a merger or acquisition has taken place, the new business may be responsible for multiple employee benefit and pension plans. We’ll partner with you to develop an overriding framework for the governance and risk management of these arrangements.

Having this framework in place will enable you to make a more complete assessment and focused strategy for the new organisation. It will avoid duplication of effort, reduce complexity and help to identify any possible economies of scale in relation to insurance and provider costs.

The due diligence process would have provided guidance and recommendations on the structure of your post- deal operational insurance programme. As your appointed broker, we would support the implementation of this program, and ensure that insurers understand the risk profile of the new business.