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Mergers & Acquisitions

A deep understanding of organisations, their people,
culture and risk profile.

Implementation planning

A successful M&A process relies on early planning and effective project management at all phases of the process, but no more so than preparations for 'day one'. We'll help you plan and manage your preparations to set the perfect tone for your new business right from the start.

Develop your plan for ‘day one’

As 'day one' approaches, we'll work with you to manage the business and people risks identified during the due diligence process.

Our experts will partner with you to assess the key risks, insurance arrangements and affected people programs to develop detailed integration plans – including priorities for 'day one' and beyond.

Our specialist M&A project management experts will tailor a comprehensive roadmap to the unique demands of your transaction and ensure effective multi-country coordination and collaboration.

Implement change management strategy and ensure continuity/extension of insurance

To help guarantee the success of ‘day one’, we’ll advise on managing any business or HR risks identified during the due diligence process and ensure that appropriate insurance cover is in place.

We’ll guide you on the suitability for integration now or in the future. If we recommend integration at a later date, we’ll advise on what measures you need to take and their cost.

From a change management perspective, our research and experience show that addressing people factors effectively is critical to M&A success. We'll support you in managing change effectively through our expert integration services. We'll help your integration leaders to understand the impact your transaction will have on various employee groups and the potentially different agendas of various stakeholders.

By anticipating the effect on employee behaviour and the resulting impact on your customers, we can partner with you in shaping a comprehensive change management plan to give your deal the greatest chance of success.