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Mergers & Acquisitions

A deep understanding of organisations, their people,
culture and risk profile.

Financial exposures

When you're looking to acquire a business, we'll help you to identify, quantify and manage the full spectrum of financial exposures – from business to people risks.

We’ll ensure you have the confidence of knowing that all risks are mitigated effectively and provide you with greater certainty of long-term success.

Identifying, quantifying and managing financial exposures

We combine leading expertise in traditional and emerging business risks (such as property, cyber and environmental) with human capital risk expertise. People are often an employer's most expensive investment and their most valuable asset. With this in mind, it's essential not to overlook people risks when you're considering financial exposures. We'll bring together finance and HR workstreams to make a holistic assessment of the target business and develop innovative solutions to effectively manage risk.

Property and casualty insurance risks, cyber and environmental exposures, compensation, pensions and benefits

Our dedicated M&A advisory teams will work with you and your other advisers to:

  • Assess the operational risk exposures of the target business and any further exposures the transaction itself may bring
  • Identify and evaluate employee compensation and benefit costs, including pension liabilities, executive change of control provisions, and employee incentive and retention arrangements
  • Fully understand the extent and appropriateness of the target’s existing or proposed insurance programmes
  • Evaluate other forms of protection or potential liabilities, such as sales and supply or employment contracts, which may avoid the need for insurance or may impose additional financial stress on the target
  • Identify any potential uninsured or underinsured areas, and the solutions available to transfer or mitigate these risks
  • Assess the financial implications of the current and future cost of risk.