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Mergers & Acquisitions

A deep understanding of organisations, their people,
culture and risk profile.

Deal terms

Our market-leading global M&A team can support you and your advisers on bespoke risk management for your deal.

Turn due diligence findings into solutions

As part of our due diligence service, we’ll highlight which risks are insurable and which are not. When cover is required, we’ll model and cost what’s needed and place cover following the deal closure.

Our M&A specialists can also provide further transactional guidance and support for you and your other advisers, including structuring Sale and Purchase Agreement clauses, and negotiation prior to signing.

Capping significant exposures, warranty and indemnity insurance, cyber, environmental and tax cover

Our market-leading experts will work with you to tailor bespoke Transactional Risk insurance for your M&A risks. This provides you with increased options when entering into a transaction or when faced with a contingent liability.

Covers include Warranty and Indemnity (W&I) insurance, which indemnifies you against financial loss arising out of the purchase agreement, such as loss due to breach of warranty, tax liability or due to an insurable known issue.

W&I is designed to support an arm’s-length negotiated purchase by providing the insured with financial protection against liabilities that could otherwise seriously damage the value of their business, the asset being acquired, or the sale proceeds.