Bank non-payment

Bank non-payment

We specialise in providing non-payment insurance solutions to financial institutions operating and transacting around the world. Cover protects against the financial default of a borrower or counterparty.

Non-payment insurance can help:

  • Relieve pressure on regulatory capital
  • Improve deal economics
  • Conserve and reduce risk weighted assets
  • Provide counterparty and/or country aggregation management and relief
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Areas covered

  • Non-payment coverage
  • Designed to cover trade or non-trade related instruments including:
    • Trade finance
    • Structured trade and commodity finance
    • Export finance
    • Project finance
    • Acquisition finance
  • Coverage extends from short term trade instruments up to 20 year project finance deals
  • Developed and Emerging Market risks
  • Single situation or portfolio risks
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Who we serve

  • World leading banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Development banks
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We have a dedicated claims team available to help you when a loss occurs. With over $1bn in credit and political risk claims successfully settled since 2008 we have a strong track record in dealing with the complex risks faced by banks globally.


$1.035bn credit and political risk claims paid since 2008

Graph showing $1.035bn credit and political risk claims paid since 2008

Source: Willis Towers Watson claims data

Why Willis Towers Watson?

We specialise in providing credit insurance solutions for financial institutions around the world and will invest the time to understand our client's business in order to provide bespoke solutions.

We have a reputation for innovation – we developed the first Political Risk bank captive and the first Basel II compliant wording and continue to adapt our products to meet the needs of our clients.

The experience and expertise of our people distinguish us from our competitors.  We recognise the power of thinking differently and so our people come from diverse backgrounds including banking and underwriting. Each person brings a unique market insight to every transaction.

We have hubs in New York, London and Singapore that give us real time access to the more than 60 insurance markets operating globally. Working from a single profit-and-loss account our clients can be confident that the insurers we recommend are chosen solely on the merits of what they can offer.