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Quantify: Cyber Quantified

This innovation in cyber risk prediction assesses cyber loss potential and delivers decision support to optimize your risk management strategy. Cyber Quantified, a proprietary Willis Towers Watson tool, was developed in collaboration with our claims experts, brokers, actuaries, and forensic accountants. It is the leading cyber risk model that allows organizations to interactively model network outage risk in addition to data breach liability. It has already helped thousands of companies, from around the world, better understand their exposure to cyber risk. It leverages corporate data, external and internal incident data, and information from the Cyber Risk Profile Diagnostic to generate an accurate representation of risk. Cyber Quantified’s refined evaluation of your organization’s risk includes:

  • Dynamic and customizable technology allowing for sensitivity testing with instantaneous results
  • Thorough quantification of cyber risk in terms of frequency, severity and financial impact
  • Visually compelling data-driven decision support that guides insurance strategy
  • Facilitates strategic program design and tactical engagement of the insurance marketplace
  • Concise and compelling output for effective communication with internal stakeholders

Why should you use Cyber Quantified?

  • To better understand your data breach and network outage risk. This dynamic tool gives insight into how often you could experience an event and how costly those events could be.
  • To make better decisions about your risk management strategy. Cyber Quantified allows you to evaluate customized insurance strategies, showing you the limit adequacy and overall value you can expect from each.

Screenshot: Risk quantification

Screenshot: Risk quantification

For whom is it appropriate?

  • Data breach: Companies that hold or collect significant sensitive employee, customer or third party data. Results are most meaningful for companies with over 50,000 records.
  • Network outage: Companies that are at risk of lost revenue or employee inefficiency due to a network outage. Results are most meaningful for companies with annual revenue of at least $100M.

What geographies does this tool support?

Cyber Quantified is a global risk evaluation tool supporting all geographies, drawing upon over 25,000 global incidents from both internal and external sources. It leverages Willis Towers Watson’s global cyber expertise, grouping countries into regions based on data volume and regulatory similarities.

When should you use Cyber Quantified?

  • When renewing or considering purchasing cyberinsurance, to assess the value derived from risk transfer.
  • In conjunction with our Cyber Risk Profile Diagnostic assessment to understand how your cybersecurity risk translates to loss potential.

Screenshot: Impact of insurance (no insurance)

Screenshot: Impact of insurance (no insurance)

Screenshot: Impact of insurance (with insurance)

Screenshot: Impact of insurance (with insurance)

What can I do with information gained from Cyber Quantified?

  • Ensure that your enterprise risk management strategy adequately accounts for cyber loss potential.
  • Design your optimal insurance structure based on your unique exposure profile.
  • Evaluate and compare quotes from carriers with financial decision support metrics like Value from Insurance and Premium Return on Investment.
  • Model the impact of changes in your controls posture on cyber risk.
  • See the impact of insurance structures on your loss potential.

Why Willis Towers Watson

More than half of all cyber incidents begin with employees, so it’s a people problem. And the average breach costs $4 million, so it’s a capital problem, too. No one decodes this complexity better than Willis Towers Watson. As a global leader in human capital solutions, risk advisory and broking, we are well prepared to assess your cyber vulnerabilities, protect you through best-in-class solutions and radically improve your ability to successfully recover from future attacks. Explore comprehensive cybersecurity solutions at