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Policies and Procedures

Conflicts of Interest Management Policy

May 2018

This document summarizes Willis Towers Watson’s Conflicts of Interest Management Policy. This policy sets out the mechanisms in place at Willis Towers Watson to identify, mitigate and manage any conflicts of interest to which Willis Towers Watson could become a party. The policy is at all times to be read in conjunction with the Willis Towers Watson global code of conduct.

PAIA Manual

May 2018

Towers Watson (Pty) Ltd is a leading global professional services company that helps organisations improve performance through effective people, risk and financial management. Towers Watson (Pty) Ltd falls within the definition of a “private body” and this Manual has been compiled in accordance with the said provisions and to fulfil the requirements of the Act.

Complaints Policy

May 2018

It is Willis Towers Watson’s policy to ensure that any formal complaint received from a client is handled quickly, transparently and by an individual who is independent of the underlying client relationship. Such formal complaints will be escalated to a level of Management appropriate to ensure satisfactory and timely complaint resolution.

BEE Certificate

Towers Watson (Pty) Ltd is fully committed to the principles of BEE and we are currently a Level 4 contributor.

FSB Certificate

Towers Watson (Pty) Ltd is an authorized Financial Services Provider, 2545.