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Compensation Strategy & Design|Cyber Risk Management|Total Rewards|Talent|Future of Work

December 2020

Willis Towers Watson offers select webcast presentations throughout the year to help the HR community improve strategic planning, address common areas for development and inform on how Willis Towers Watson HR Software can act as a compelling enabler for implementing organizational change, improve employee engagement and analyze crucial talent decisions.

Below please find registration details for upcoming live webcasts and a library of on demand replays.

On-demand Webcasts

Micron redefines HR Shared Services

Our webcast shared Micron's story and the technologies they use to transform what's possible, including:

  • The Micron team member experience and engagement goals
  • Micron's objectives and how they leveraged Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software to meet this goal.
  • HR Portal governance.
  • Big wins and lessons learned.

Webcast replay

How safe is your organization?

This webcast shared the importance of a culture of safety and how to measure it, including

  • What safety culture is, how to make it meaningful to your organization and why it is important
  • How your organization can change behavior today, including leadership and individual assessments
  • What you need to do to understand risk

Webcast replay

Cybersecurity and company culture

On this webcast, experts from Willis Towers Watson discussed:

  • New evidence linking cyber security and employee opinion as measured through an organizational survey
  • A case study on developing a cyber-security talent strategy
  • People and related solutions to address cyber risks

Webcast replay

Effectively communicating your EVP

This webcast explored the critical role leadership, communication and technology have in bringing the EVP to life for employees. This included how to communicate rewards to attract, retain and engage the talent you need and the best way to articulate how total rewards connects to the employee value proposition.

Webcast replay

Focus on the Human in Human Resources

This informative webcast examined how to personalize HR content and properly govern it while also highlighting ways to drive engagement with effective system design. The speakers also covered service center enablement and case management.

Webcast replay

From millennials to baby boomers: How to communicate Total Rewards

Communicating total rewards in a clear and engaging manner forms a crucial part of the EVP on offer at any organization. To that point, this webcast reviewed top drivers of attraction and retention and how they link to total rewards. This included stressing the importance of segmenting communications when looking to engage with different employee populations.

Webcast replay

The latest in employee listening

Employee surveys are changing. Amid this change, one constant is the need for a thoughtful plan about what information to collect, when, and why, and most importantly what to do with it. This webcast shared the latest thinking on this topic and also showcased how consumer grade HR Software can help your organization maximize ROI by getting the right insights and guidance to the right people.

Webcast replay

Listening to the pulse of your organization

A changing landscape of data sources are informing the employee experience in new and exciting ways. This webcast examined several case studies to see how organizations are using agile pulse surveys to fulfill their employee listening needs.

Webcast replay

The power of employee feedback

You know your employees have opinions – on their roles, on their managers, and on your organization. You also know employee opinion can quickly change, and have a large impact on your organization. Would you like to the ability to listen and respond to your employees faster and on an ongoing basis? Do you have a strategy in place to do this? This webcast covered how to develop a robust listening strategy and also shared some trends currently shaping employee feedback.

Webcast replay

Total compensation management

This webcast identified growing trends in compensation management and offered practical tips on how to develop a competitive compensation strategy and design. We concluded the session by sharing some best practices on communicating compensation to employees and how HR Software can help.

Webcast replay

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