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Trends in global retirement

The retirement benefit landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade, and its evolution toward more cost-effective solutions is ongoing. The following resources provide multinational employers with a deep look into the world of global retirement and the trends we’re tracking.

A broad look at global retirement

International Pension Plan Survey Report 2020

This year’s survey covers US$17.2 billion in assets under management, a jump from US$15.8 in 2019, and 35 new plans set up in 2020.

Mastering DC plans globally

A global approach navigates local complexities to improve employee experience and manage employer risks.

Mastering global pension risks globally

Multinationals that approach their DB pension risks in a structured way succeed in implementing their risk reduction goals around the world.

Trends in retirement plan investment governance

Get insights into why sponsors of all sizes are considering delegating their institutional assets.

Top ten investment action plans for defined benefit plans in 2021

The new world and economy require us to find new ways to meet retirement plan objectives while efficiently managing resources, time and expenses. If there was ever a time to reconsider our process, it’s now.

Global market updates

Global Pension Finance Watch: Fourth quarter 2020

Improvements in asset valuations during Q4 2020 drove positive fourth quarter pension index results for most regions.

Global: Retirement plans at risk from debt defaults due to COVID-19

Defaults or restructurings of government or corporate debt could cause material reductions in asset values for affected retirement plans.

Global top 20 pension fund assets rebound strongly

Overall, the world’s largest pension funds staged a strong rebound in growth in 2019, following a tough market environment the year before.

Global legislative updates
Impact of India’s labour codes

In this webcast playback, listen to the key implications of India’s regulatory changes and the opportunities they provide for employers and employees alike.

India: New labor codes affect employer-provided benefits including provident funds, and industrial relations

Four new labor codes will give some employers more flexibility in dismissing employees and could significantly increase employers’ benefit costs and liabilities.

Puerto Rico 2021 retirement plan limits

Sponsors of dual-qualified plans and plans qualified solely in Puerto Rico should update their processes and procedures to reflect 2021 limits.

The third option – Collective defined contribution in Japan

The newly introduced collective defined contribution plans in Japan give companies a third option, beyond traditional defined benefit and defined contribution plans, to provide pension benefits. You can also listen to the webcast replay.

Netherlands: Sweeping pension reforms further details released

The changes to Netherlands’ supplemental employer-provided pension system would make it more sustainable, with more predictable costs for employers.

Canada: Quebec draft legislation to allow target benefit pension plans

Bill 68 would give employers another retirement plan design option that shares risk differently than existing DB and DC plans.

2021 inflation-adjusted limits for retirement and employee benefit plans announced (U.S.)

These limits potentially affect the design, administration, communication and tax reporting for retirement and benefit-related plans.

Portugal: New rules for employer pension funds change governance requirements

New rules for employer-provided pension funds bring changes to accrued pension transfers, vesting periods and information sharing, among others.

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