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Survey best practice: Let's talk about conditions


By Andromachie Lella | October 21, 2019

When designing an employee survey, we encourage you to start with questions relevant to all respondents. Once these core questions are finalized, you can take your survey to the next level and use conditions to personalize the survey for specific groups of respondents.

You can do this in two ways:

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    Based on who they are

    You may want to collect feedback on different topics based on who the respondent is (e.g. their role or location), for example, safety questions for manufacturing employees, or strategy questions for senior leaders. Conditions also help you to respond to the needs of regional business leaders who are interested in certain topics without having to ask those questions to your entire population.

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    Based on what they say

    Another common way of using conditions is to ask follow up questions, once the respondent has already given a response on a topic. For example, if a participant says they do not feel there is enough collaboration in their team, you can ask them why they think that is and what could be done to change it.

Conditions can add value

Setting conditions is an extra step and depending on their number and complexity, they can become hard to manage; but they do bring considerable value. First, they make the survey experience quicker, because participants do not see every question. Second, the survey experience feels more personalized to the employee, because they only see relevant questions. Third, it helps you, as the survey administrator, get specific feedback on a few key areas without having to run additional surveys or focus groups later on.

Conditions are a valuable tool to help support your survey needs, while streamlining the experience of participants. Remember to always set them after your survey questions and their order has been finalized to avoid unnecessary rework later on. And last, don’t forget, since not everyone will see and respond to questions with conditions, it’s normal for some reports to not show all the survey questions.

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