How U.S. employers are controlling health care costs, focusing on wellbeing: Best Practices in Health Care Employer Survey 2018

Full report with high-performance insights

January 2, 2019
| United States
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Table of contents

Executive summary
  • At a glance
  • Survey highlights
About the survey
Chapter 3 — ABHP sponsorship is peaking, HSAs expanding
  • Sponsorship rates
  • Rethinking total replacement ABHPs
  • HSAs expand, but some employers hold on to HRAs
Chapter 4 — Health care delivery: Encouraging use of value-based health services
  • Market disruption: Employers look for efficiencies from industry consolidation
Chapter 5 — Pharmacy: Reining in the cost and use of high-cost drugs
  • Market disruption: Biologics and biosimilars
  • Pharmacy: The importance of addressing opioid use
Chapter 6 — Integrated wellbeing: Companies are committed to employee wellbeing
  • Creating a healthy workplace environment
  • Engagement