Employee Insights - For a better employee experience

Employee Insights
For a better employee experience

If you’re thinking survey, think again.

Think: a continuous listening strategy that is always on. Willis Towers Watson provides your organization with the right employee insights at the right time. Whether you are a startup or a large complex global organization. We support it all.

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Product Extensions

  • Listening strategy. Combine the agility of pulse surveys, the depth of census surveys, the timeliness of lifecycle surveys, and the richness of qualitative data.
  • Entry and exit surveys. Check the effectiveness of your onboarding and reduce turnover.
  • Employee experience success index. Measure the success of your Employee Experience in attracting and retaining key talent.
  • Risk culture. Assess your risk, safety, or cyber risk, culture. Create an index to benchmark against others. Identify changes needed. Can be the focus of a stand-alone pulse survey, or an add-on to a classic census survey.
  • Action planner. Take action on survey results and track progress to boost the business impact of your listening strategy.
  • Leadership alignment. Is your leadership aligned and prioritizing the right things for your strategy? Use our Culture Alignment Tool (CAT) to find out.
  • Personalized engagement. Provide each employee with their own personalized engagement report, advice and suggestions to develop personalized engagement strategies.
  • Communication and change. Create an identity for your listening strategy, engaging messages and build credibility and trust between your listening strategy and your managers / employees.
  • Analytic services. Use our team of data scientists for bespoke analytics and predictive modeling to identify behavior drivers of customer satisfaction, sales and operational outcomes.
  • Inclusion & diversity index. Discover the diverse nature of your population, and recognize opportunities to better your Employee Experience. Identify ‘inclusion gaps’ and the reasons for them.
  • 360 degree surveys. Complete the circle, and enable your employees to deliver and receive 360 feedback.
  • Talent analytics. Combine multiple HR data sources, explore relationships, and predict future outcomes.

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