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Structured Reinsurance

Traditional reinsurance solutions are effective tools for risk and capital management purposes, but in certain situations, a more customized approach can add significant value.

This is often the case where the goal is to optimize capital efficiency, reduce operational expense or mitigate earnings volatility.

Our Structured Reinsurance team works with clients to create programs that blend reinsurance, risk financing and alternative sources of funding to address specific needs.

Structured solutions may be defined as programs that explicitly consider the time value of money, involve profit sharing and risk mitigating features, or function across operating units or time periods. Structured elements can also be used to bridge gaps between ceding company and reinsurer assessments of risk or to facilitate transitions in programs. They may also incorporate prospective and retroactive elements.

The Structured Reinsurance practice at Willis Re works across all geographies and is able to leverage the global resources and deep expertise of the entire Willis Towers Watson organization. We work closely with Insurance Consulting and Financial Advisory teams to help clients understand the financial statement and capital implications of each solution under consideration.

Our solutions are always designed to create the optimal impact on client key performance indicators. This may lead us to suggest strategies that incorporate prospective and retrospective elements that make use of a variety of capital sources.

We use a consultative approach, matching clients only with those solutions that can meet their strategic objectives.

Our approach is always tailored specifically to our customer’s needs with the most common products being:

Prospective Risk

  • Multi-Year Multi-Line Aggregate Excess of Loss
  • Spread-Loss
  • Aggregate Stop-Loss
  • Surplus Relief Quota Share

Retrospective Risk

  • Loss Portfolio Transfer
  • Adverse Development Cover
  • Legal Transfers (Reinsurance to Close, Novations, Insurance Business Transfers etc.)

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