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Funds and Strategies

Our specialist funds and strategies help institutional investors of any asset size potentially benefit from capital markets that may be otherwise difficult to access or too expensive.

We often find that institutional investors struggle with issues, such as:

  • Equities: High fees for closet “index huggers”
  • Alternative credit: Credit returns driven by market beta and not providing diversification
  • Liquid Diversifiers: Lack of diversification of return drivers
  • Private Markets: Illiquid investments are seen as “too complex” to access
  • Secured Income Assets: Finding secure cash flows to match liabilities
  • Multi Asset Funds: Mediocre returns from diversified growth funds (DGFs) constrained due to highly liquid investments

To help solve these issues, we have created a range of bespoke funds and manage specialist portfolios for our clients. By providing access to our research, high conviction portfolio managers and active implementation teams; through our solutions, Willis Towers Watson helps enable investors to spend more time on what matters most for them – the key strategic decisions that drive the outcomes for end savers.

Our approach to building solutions are designed to help improve financial outcomes, meet the time and experience requirements of running an effective investment portfolio and deliver value for money for institutional investors by applying:

  1. 01

    Specialist execution

    We have a multi-manager, multi-strategy approach that sets us apart from traditional asset managers. Our global scale allows us to carry out comprehensive research and invest with specialist managers who we believe are experts in their field. We invest in skill.

  2. 02

    Idea generation & innovation

    Engaging with the investment industry, we constantly track how the market evolves and work with high conviction managers to execute on our ideas, leading to bespoke offerings and creation of investment opportunities.

  3. 03

    Value for money through scale

    Our collective buying power places us in a strong position to negotiate a better deal for our investors. By innovating and seeding new strategies we seek to offer value for money in our investments solutions.

  4. 04

    Time & experience

    Our dedicated resource, scale and experience enables us to invest dynamically. We take action to implement changes at speed and efficiently to help achieve your outcomes.

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