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Architects & Engineers: Continuing education programs


Lessons in Liability
Liability I.Q.
The Five Commandments
The Ten Commandments
Aptitude Test
Insurance For Dummies


Communications & Documentation
Go No-Go
Alternative Delivery
Shop Drawings and Submittals
International Risk Management
BIM and Electronic Transfer
Managing Risk of Innovation
Managing Condo Craze
ADA / FHAA Risk Management
See Dick Build, Watch Jane Sue
Managing Cyber Risk
Getting Paid
Without Getting Sued
Dealing with Sub-Consultants
Mock Mediation


Deal Makers/Deal Breakers
Contract Do’s and Don’ts
Contract Review Checklist
Contracts From Hell
Negotiating Contracts
The Dirty Dozen

Construction Administration

CA as a Risk Management Tool
Jobsite Safety and the Design Professional
Site Duties Revisited
Contractor Control
Managing Scope Creep
Documentation and CA
When Disaster Strikes!

Case Studies

Derk’s Field Case Study
Capital Architects Case Study
Nast Engineering Case Study
The Collapse of The Chicago Post Office
Bench Design
Dead in the water
Managing Uncertainty
Claims Stories
We can tailor a Case Study for Your Firm!

Willis A&E is a National certified Continuing Education Provider. All programs qualify for 1.5 CE credits.