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ResQ Financial Reporter

ResQ Financial Reporter takes the complexity out of IFRS 17 for P&C insurers. This is achieved through an efficient framework to generate financial statements and supporting disclosure requirements, saving you time and effort in your end-to-end IFRS 17 reporting processes.

ResQ Financial Reporter is a comprehensive calculation and data management solution that enables the seamless predictions of the insurance contract liabilities under IFRS 17 by applying either the general measurement model (GMM), or the simplified model, also known as the premium allocation approach (PAA).

Users are able to move though a flexible, intuative but well-governed audited process that supports the analysis, review, reporting, validation and sensitivity testing required to deliver the IFRS 17 financial statements in a timely, cost-efficient manner. By taking the complexity out of IFRS 17, you can focus on the core activities that matter most to your business.

Key benefits

  • Reduces the manual process, making reporting more efficient.
  • Seamless roll-forward functionality, starting with prior period assumptions.
  • Facilitates rapid production of information required for reporting and key business decisions.
  • Allows you to make the maximum use of current reserve analysis and processes.
  • Delivered in a transparent and well-governed process.
  • Enables you to refocus actuarial resource on business critical tasks.
  • The solution allows for a future extension of functionality to produce Solvency II technical provisions and other accounting formats.
  • Flexible integration with finance and other systems.
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