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Aerospace Cyber Guard

Cybersecurity is a top concern, yet many businesses have yet to develop a cyber risk solution, especially in the general aviation industry. Willis Towers Watson, in partnership with Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions, created Aerospace Cyber Guard—your tailored, general aviation cyber solution.

The financial and operational impact of cyber breaches can be devastating. Aerospace Cyber Guard helps you mitigate these threats and more effectively manage your people, capital and technology risks. This comprehensive, first-party cyber policy helps you to operate more confidently in this unchartered territory and ultimately protect your brand in case of a cyberattack.

The cyber equation to mitigate risk

Easing incident recovery

We understand that even the best laid plan often go awry. Our integrated process and critical insight offer best in the class protections providing business continuity, even after cyber incident.

Guarding you against

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