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Benefits delivery digest

Welcome to Benefits Delivery Digest, where we help people optimize their health and wealth decisions one person at a time. As a leader in delivering benefits, backed by the strength of our consulting businesses, our knowledge and expertise are unparalleled.


Benefits, with Purpose!

Employee benefits touch the lives of individual people each and every day. As benefits delivery experts, it’s a tall order we take seriously and meet with purpose. Tune in to our podcast as we navigate the complex world of health benefits and hear how you can deliver purpose to your employees in the moments that matter most.

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Wired to Grow Series with Dr. Julia DiGangi
What Neuropsychology Tells Us About Resilience After Trauma

Dr. Julia DiGangi, neuropsychologist and founder and CEO at NeuroHealth Partners, joined us for a three-part webcast series to explore how our brains work and what that means for employers and employees in today’s dynamic environment. While change is necessary for progress, with it comes uncertainty and stress—employers that can understand and address this are able to facilitate a more resilient organizational environment and even increase employee engagement. Willis Towers Watson experts also shared insights on what employees are saying they need, how employers are making changes and ideas and tools that can help support both.

Webcast #1
The Paradox of Progress: How this moment is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reimagine the employer-employee relationship

Webcast takeaway (.pdf) 

Webcast #2
Cohesion Matters: Facilitating greater employee engagement and clearer corporate purpose

Webcast takeaway (.pdf) 

Webcast #3
The Importance of Choice: How this time calls for re-envisioning the employee experience

Webcast takeaway (.pdf) 

Benefits Outsourcing – living up to our purpose

See how Willis Towers Watson’s Benefits Outsourcing team lives up to our purpose statement.

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