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2021: A SPACS Odyssey

Financial, Executive and Professional Risks (FINEX)

September 15, 2021

A panel discussion exploring Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACS), their uses and wider considerations for directors and risk managers.
2021: A SPACS Odyssey

A panel discussion exploring Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACS), their uses and sider considerations for directors and risk managers.

In this video, we explore the following questions:

  1. On the 27th July, the FCA announced a rule change in respect of SPACS to come into force on the 10th August. What does this mean for insurers? And how does this differ from other jurisdictions?
  2. Why is Directors and Officers (D&O) cover required for a SPAC? What are the dangers of creating a SPAC with no D&O liability insurance?
  3. What are insurers views of SPACS? Are they an attractive risk?
  4. What is deemed a good SPAC from an insurance availability point of view?
  5. What can we do to help clients who are seeking D&O insurance for a SPAC? Is there a simple formula or check list of things that are required to increase the chance of securing terms?
  6. What kind of appetite is there from the London insurance market for SPACS and De-SPACS?
The panel

Angus Duncan

D&O Coverage Specialist at Willis Towers Watson, Chair

Tom Harris

Senior Underwriter in the London Commercial D&O team of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, with a particular focus on underwriting publicly listed companies, SPAC’s, and de-SPAC’s across a number of territories.

James Cooper

Partner at Clyde & Co where he is Chair of the Global Insurance Practice Group and head of the Financial Institutions and D&O team

Jon Vocking

Senior Director in the GB D&O team at Willis Towers Watson where he heads up the one of the teams in the London Willis FINEX department placing D&O insurance in the UK, European and Bermudan insurance markets

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Coverage Specialist, FINEX

D&O Liability Product Leader

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