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Survey best practice: Supporting employees in the time of COVID-19

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By Andromachie Lella | June 26, 2020

This article shares insights based on our COVID-19 Pulse Survey research so far, and offers a few ideas and resources to help you support employees and enable leaders to make better decisions.

The impact of COVID-19 has by now been felt by every organization across the world. The early days required tough and drastic solutions, like shutting down operations, furloughing staff, and implementing entirely new work processes. More recently, many governments are cautiously lifting restrictions and businesses are putting in place programs to support their work in the medium-term, while the risk remains high.

From our research during the "lockdown" period, we learned that employees have high levels of anxiety, they struggle with work-life balance while working from home and need more help to fully understand and make the most of their benefits.

While these concerns are unlikely to go away soon, new ones may emerge as companies bring back employees and re-open locations. To help understand what those are (as well as how you compare to other companies facing similar challenges) we have made two new survey templates available:

Leading Through Crisis

The purpose of this pulse survey is to ensure that your leaders are demonstrating the right behaviors to support employees through the constant changes while maintaining focus on a High Performing Employee Experience. It covers wellbeing, inspiration, marketplace focus, agility and trust.

Accelerating Back from COVID-19

The purpose of this pulse survey is to support the business to define and adjust to a new and sustainable operating model. It covers tactical as well as strategic areas such as working arrangements, support, furloughs, resources, benefits and engagement.

However, listening to employees is only the first step towards driving change, which is why we have paired our COVID-19 survey content with over 60 suggestions for employees which can be easily deployed through the Real-Time Advice feature. For example, if an employee says that they find returning to work difficult, you can give them tips and advice and direct them to additional resources.

The last couple of months have been challenging for everyone, but we have also seen an incredible amount of innovation and agility. You may not be able to control the path of the virus but, through employee listening, you can make sure that you are removing some of the internal uncertainty. Understanding how employees are feeling will enable leaders to make better decisions and communicate them more effectively.

Log in to Employee Engagement Software to view the new survey templates and Real-Time Advice or contact us for a demo.


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