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Challenging venues and jurisdictions, Q1 2020

According to the American Tort Reform Foundation

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By Kevin Kirby | May 21, 2020

The top 10 least favorable states, cities, counties and courts based on litigation.

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

A preferred jurisdiction for asbestos litigation and home to a $8bn product liability verdict in 2019.


Stance against arbitration and broad application of employment law liability.

New York City

Significant amount of ADA claims against small business as well as consumer suits targeting the food and beverage industries.


Auto insurance outcomes and judicial misconduct.

The City of St. Louis, Missouri

Decisions have ignored state and federal precedent. Expanding liability, premises liability, medical liability and nuclear jury verdicts are all on the rise.


Premises liability, medical liability and nuclear jury verdicts are all on the rise.

Cook, Madison & St. Clair Counties, Illinois

Prominent venue for no-injury class action lawsuits, asbestos litigation and have been flexible in permitting questionable Biometric Information Privacy Act suits to proceed.


Questionable handling of opioid litigation and Supreme Court interpretation has expanded liability.

Minnesota Supreme Court / Twin Cities

Expanded medical liability and employer liability under workers’ compensation laws, while upholding disputed sanctions against an in-state employer.

New Jersey Legislature

Anti-arbitration and introduced a “Wage Theft” bill with substantial penalties.

Watch list: Colorado Supreme Court, Florida, Maryland General Assembly, Montana Supreme Court, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, South Carolina Asbestos Litigation and West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.

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