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How your organization can become a best performer

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April 3, 2020

Our research enables us to identify key actions and practices of best-performing companies to help jump start your ability to deliver enhanced health care experiences.
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  • Examine your benefits in the context of your organizational purpose, brand and employee value proposition.
  • Analyze your health care data to better understand your population health, and develop strategies and programs to support your health care goals. Measure effectiveness using financial and nonfinancial metrics.
  • Adopt an agile mindset and be prepared to adjust your benefit strategy as workforce and business strategies change.
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Cost and value improvement
  • Emphasize value-based arrangements that encourage employees to choose higher-value, efficient care, thus lowering out-of-pocket costs for high-value services supported by evidence.
  • Make changes to plan design and account contributions that consider affordability for low-wage employees.
  • Provide value-based services such as telebehavioral health and onsite/near-site clinics that enhance employee access to efficient, quality care.
  • Take action to curb the cost of specialty pharmacy by adopting a comprehensive approach that’s integrated with the medical plan, promoting use of lower-cost biosimilars and influencing site of care.
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Integrated wellbeing
  • Develop an integrated strategy that addresses the physical, financial, emotional and social dimensions of wellbeing and prioritizes continuous improvement. Measure the ongoing performance of your health and wellbeing programs to drive sustainable improvements.
  • Focus on health culture by building a workplace environment supported by managers/leaders that encourages employees to live healthy lives and thrive at work.
  • Prioritize behavioral health by developing an organization-wide behavioral health strategy, training managers to identify emotional health issues and ensuring EAPs address emotional wellbeing.
  • Expand use of decision support tools to improve financial wellbeing. These include tools for supporting day-to-day expense management, saving for emergencies and planning for retirement.
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Employee Experience
  • Put employees at the center of your health care strategy. Analyze data and metrics from a range of feedback channels, such as surveys, focus groups and town hall meetings, to better understand employee wants and needs.
  • Use organizational analytics to measure the effectiveness of your employee experience strategy.
  • Assess your current benefit offerings to determine if they offer enough choice and personalization to meet employee needs and expectations.
  • To address the needs of a multigenerational workforce, provide more choice in all benefits and offer care navigation services.
  • Use technology solutions and data to create a tech-enabled human-centric experience. Start by providing decision support tools to enhance the enrollment experience. Also offer treatment decision support tools as well as apps and connected devices for condition management or reducing health risks.

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Identifying the best performers

Our research identified 44 companies that qualify as best performers based on their ability to manage cost trends and efficiency (see page 16 of the 24th Annual Best Practices in Health Care Survey Report). Best-performing companies exhibited the following two characteristics:

  • Efficiency: efficiency in 2019 that is 5% or greater (roughly 60th percentile and above)
  • Cost trend: two-year average trend after plan changes (2017/2018 and 2018/2019) that is at or below the national norm (4%) and two-year average trend before plan changes (2017/2018 and 2018/2019) that is at or below the national norm (5%).

Read more about identifying the best performers.

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