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Global Markets Overview – March 2020

COVID 19 Coronavirus

By David Hoile | March 5, 2020

How do you manage the implications from the highly unpredictable?

In our 2020 Global Investment Outlook – which takes a medium to long-term perspective on investing – we set out:

  • Why our forecast is for moderate world growth in 2020/21
  • Why we retain the view that market-related downside risks are still prevalent and that a diversified portfolio which is balanced to different outcomes is optimal
  • As we start a new decade, what the important longer-term, structural drivers of financial markets are

We continuously compare portfolio outcomes with our expectations and use this feedback loop to assess three investment decisions: the big opportunities and risks in the near and long term; how diversified should we be; and how do we deliver both returns and resilience in a world of transformational change.

Looking to the nearer-term, COVID-19 (coronavirus) has the characteristics of a “black swan” event, i.e., it is unpredictable, it could potentially have a very large impact, and after the event and with the benefit of hindsight it can be more easily explained

In our Global Markets Overview, we set out how to analyse and manage the highly unpredictable. We break this down into three parts:

  1. Tracking the COVID-19
  2. Assessing the macroeconomy and financial implications
  3. Managing the risks from the highly unpredictable
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