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More cybersecurity investments get the green light

Cyber Risk Management

November 18, 2019

The escalation in overall cyber losses highlights that cybersecurity is an ever-evolving struggle.

To come out on top, companies need to stay vigilant everywhere, since attackers are relentless in exploiting your organization’s weaknesses.

More cybersecurity Investments get the green light as cyberthreats loom Large and growing cyberthreats exist: 2019: Cyber Criminals 71% - Malicious Insiders 57% 2018: Cyber Criminals 57% - Malicious Insiders 29% Losses are mounting: Company size: Midside – average revenue $600 million – average loss $2.0 million* Company size: Large – average revenue $4.4 billion – average loss $3.3 million* Company size: Very Large – average revenue $26 billion – average loss $10.8 million* *Losses are rounded. Investments are paying off: Chief Information security officers (CISOs) say investments are blunting cyberthreats and there is a decline in: Untrained general staff: 2019: 34% - 2018: 87% Unsophisticated hackers: 2019: 18% - 2018: 59% Success is encouraging greater, more focused investment following the NIST framework, including: Identify cyberthreats 22% Protect 22% Detect cyberthreats 19% Respond 18% Recover 18% Source in April-May 2019, ESI ThoughtLab surveyed 467 firms across 17 countries to gain insight into their latest cybersecurity perspectives, plans and practices.
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